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A mountain hamlet where woodpiles become art


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Where is

Trentino-Alto Adige

38050 Mezzano TN, Italia (651m s.l.m.)


What it is and where it is

Mezzano is located in the Primiero Valley, in the province of Trento, and has been recognized as one of Italy's most beautiful villages. It is a mountain village to be experienced by chatting with the inhabitants, entering the artisans' stores and small museums that hold the secrets of life in the past. What will surprise you most will be the artistic stacks of firewood, which decorate the entrances to the houses.

Why it is special

As in all mountain villages, families stack firewood for the winter in the garden or at the entrances of their homes. In Mezzano di Primiero, woodpiles are considered true artistic compositions, and every year the municipal administration invites artists from around the world to create urban artworks inspired by this custom.

Don't miss

Walking through the narrow streets of the village, between one woodpile and another, one also stops to look at the many small vegetable gardens that adorn the entrances of the houses and donate lush fruit and vegetables every season. Mezzano di Primiero, in fact, is also the village of garden-gardens: there are as many as 400 of them, one for every four inhabitants, and they are evidence of another ancient tradition that is kept alive over time, that of self-producing part of the family's sustenance.

A bit of history

In Mezzano, tradition, history and perhaps even a bit of nostalgia for the slow pace of rural life fuel the passion, interests and feelings of many residents, who with great dedication keep the village's historical memory alive. One of them is Mary Orler Orsingher, who has renovated the family barn to turn it into a museum dedicated to rural life, cattle breeding and the cultivation of the fields that, until the rise of construction after the great flood of 1966, made up the economy of Mezzano and Primiero. The barn-museum is called "Tabià del Rico," meaning "Enrico's Barn," dedicated to Mary's dad. And then there are the women of the Trotter family who have been passionately carrying on the tradition of loom weaving for seven generations. In their artisanal workshop - Artelèr - it is easy to admire them at work among fabrics and colors.


Every year, between July and August, musicians from New York's prestigious Music Academy International come to Mezzano. They gather here for a summer study session in the shadow of the Dolomites and give a full calendar of concerts to the villagers and tourists who visit.

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