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"Mena-resta": the source of the Lambro.

Two rocks hidden in the thick of the forest


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22030 Piano Rancio CO, Italia (0m s.l.m.)


What it is and where it is

The Lambro, Brianza's main river, has its source in the heart of the Larian Triangle, at 944 meters near Pian Rancio. In the midst of a forest, two sloping slabs of rock allow the first waters of the river to gush forth, which here, still an infant, flows shyly, waiting to increase its strength along the way. This spring also has its own name : "Mena-resta."

Why it is special

The name "Mena-resta" is not due to some legend or rumor, rather it reflects the most curious feature of this spring. In fact, its flow rate is almost continuous throughout the course of the year, but it shows an intermittent pattern where periods when the flow is more modest are followed by moments of increase.

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Near the spring, on the left side of the valley, a small cave called "Bus di pegur, " the "Sheep's Hole," opens; its entrance shaped by glaciers in such a way as to take on the appearance of a mounded rock, leads to environments in which to admire stalactites and other forms of deposition, some of which resemble as appearance the woolly backs of sheep. If, on the other hand, we follow the path of the Lambro, we pass several small waterfalls and, at the foot of the largest, we encounter the "Muffler of the Giants": a large hole formed by the continuous work of water.

A bit of history

The Lambro also crosses Asso, and here in 1800, he crossed paths with Stendhal. We read in the "Journal du Voyage la Brianza": "before arriving at Canzo we met a pretty waterfall, the Vallategna waterfall. The fall front is wide and at this point the Lambro, hidden in the rock under Ponte Oscuro, is not bad...."


Apparently a heat wave hit Brianza and caused the Lambro to dry up, and many thought the king's Arian heresy was the cause. Queen Theodolinda, a Christian, prayed daily for water. Impressed by her faith, the king promised her that he would convert if the Lambro waters returned. Theodolinda then sought help from Eriprand, a pious hermit. To him appeared a mysterious hunter with a bow and arrows to whom she asked where the springs were: the hunter shot an arrow that went into the base of a boulder, causing the long-awaited water to spring forth. The Lambro thus came back to life, and the Mena-resta spring had been found. The king, true to his vow, converted to Christianity.

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In the heart of the Larian Triangle rises the Lambro, the best-known river in Brianza, the industrious home of hammers, mills, factories and spinning mills.