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Magomadas and the Malvasia

Discovering the city of wine

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Magomadas, the city of wine

In Sardinia there is a small town in the province of Oristano capable of combining the island's splendid sea with a fertile and fragrant hinterland. It is Magomadas, which from the high ground on which it stands allows you to see the waves but also the gentle hills that surround it. And it is precisely by looking inland that one discovers the richness of Magomadas: the cultivation of Malvasia vines, which allow the local wineries to give life to that delicate and aromatic wine that goes so well with the flavors of Sardinian tradition, especially sweets and cheeses.

The Malvasia di Bosa DOC

Connoisseurs have already figured it out, we are talking about Malvasia, and what a Malvasia! The Sardinian one is one of the 17 varieties of Malvasia produced in Italy. Wanting to be precise, it must be remembered that there are two island sub-variants. In fact, there are substantial differences between Malvasia di Cagliari DOC, which is mainly grown in the Cagliari area, and Malvasia di Bosa DOC, which is the one grown in Planargia, and therefore also in Magomadas.

What to see in Magomadas?

When visiting Magomadas then, keep in mind that while the village offers must-see gems such as old houses, enchanting views, and the parish church of St. John the Baptist, a splendid example of late Catalan Gothic, the surrounding hills allow you to enjoy the scents of the vineyards, while the wineries offer unmissable tastings. Often the tasting is complemented by a visit to the winery, with the opportunity to discover the Malvasia production process up close.

Museo del Vino a MagomadasThe wine museum in Magomadas

A curiosity: even in the village you can immerse yourself in Malvasia culture thanks to the wine museum that tells the story of viticulture in the Planargia. Not for nothing, Magomadas is known as the "city of wine."

Malvasia in Sardinia

How come we talk about Malvasia di Bosa DOC but we are in Magomadas? The reason is historical. In fact, it seems that the Malvasia vine arrived in Sardinia in Byzantine times through two different ports: Karalis and Bosa. So here Bosa has remained a reference point for this variant, but the production area of this DOC is wider, so much so that we can talk about a "Malvasia di Bosa road" that leads to discover all the territories included in the specification.

When to visit Magomadas?

Magomadas is always beautiful, but on the third Sunday of May and August you can participate in the Sagra della Malvasia, in conjunction with the religious procession and concerts in the seaside square that characterize the most heartfelt festival of the Magomadas people. It will be the perfect opportunity to immerse yourself in local culture and enjoy the sea, the beauty of the town and the sweet flavors of Planargia.

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