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The giant spit of Pieve di Soligo

The Alta Marca Trevigiana, stronghold of a gastronomic art with record numbers

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Where is


31053 Pieve di Soligo TV, Italia (147m s.l.m.)


What it is and where it is

The Soligo is the river that rises from the lakes of Revine and follows the ridge of the Treviso Pre-Alps to Follina, where it swerves decisively southward, going to meet the Piave. At its outlet on the plain, here is Pieve di Soligo, which owes its name to the plebian church-it was in the early Middle Ages-determining its rank as capital. All around, the countryside of red radicchio, standard-bearer of Trevisan good food. In the background, the Prosecco vineyards, the chestnut groves of Combai and the mountain pastures of Monte Cesen.

Why it's special

Among the local specialties stands out 'polenta e osei,' the bird spit that celebrates the most gastronomically satisfying season, autumn. In Pieve the idea of the Giant Spit was born in 1956 during a dinner in a trattoria, when the Pro Loco's general staff decided to launch into the venture, being able to count on the militancy of true masters of this specific art. Since then in the month of October, the ritual of the Giant Spit has remained the same, except, by necessity, switching from birds of passage to quail.

Not to be missed

The feast is a great spectacle in the square ever since a rotisserie of unusual length is set up on which over 1,500 birds turn each time at full capacity. All around is the festival, with booths of the many specialties that make up the spit. Starting with Prosecco, the first pride of the Alta Marca, but which for this day has to adapt to being a comprimario. Then, when darkness falls, it will be time for the fireworks, which properly conclude the day.

A bit of history

In 2006 the Giant Skewer rounded the mark of its first 50 years. On the occasion things were made big, even a conference attended by historians and experts in 'speology,' a specially coined term for the art of cooking over an open flame. The result was an official decalogue for the Alta Marca spit-from hearth to cooking technique, from side dishes to recommended drinks-adopted by locals who make the area one of the sanctuaries of this traditional pleasure.


For the past few years, the Giant Spit organizing committee has been engaged in the defense of a record that is unique in its own way, the largest quail cooking in the world, scrupulously recorded in Guinness World Records. In 2017 the threshold of 500 kilograms, corresponding to four thousand birds, was broken, and from year to year it is tweaked upward to keep at bay those who might challenge this record.

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