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Little Lio

A tiny hamlet in the lagoon north of Venice, among vegetable gardens and salt marshes and peace

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Where is


30013 Lio Piccolo VE, Italia (0m s.l.m.)


What it is and where it is

Lio Piccolo is a microscopic rural village in the lagoon north of Venice: a small square, a pink church dedicated to Santa Maria della Neve (17th century), a bell tower, a rectory, a noble building (palazzetto Boldù, 17th century), a couple of old houses... Nothing more. But the atmosphere is magical, suspended in time. Lio Piccolo can be explored on foot or by bicycle (bikes can be rented on site) and you can push on to Mesole, another rural village, even smaller, with an old convent.

Why it is special

Venice is very close (as the crow flies), but Lio Piccolo really feels like another world. There is silence, there is peace. There is the lagoon: tongues of land emerging from the water, small canals, marshy vegetation growing stubbornly on the salt marshes, landscapes that change with each tide... Vegetable gardens and fishing valleys blend in harmony with the natural landscape. In the background you can see the bell tower of the island of Burano.

Not to be missed

The sunsets are particularly striking and from the top of the bell tower the view of the lagoon is wonderful. For birdwatchers: pink flamingos, black-winged stilts, herons...


The gardens of Lio Piccolo grow violet artichokes (of which the first shoots, the "castraùre," are a delicacy) and jujubes ("zìzole," in Venetian dialect). In September, there is the jujube festival.

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A stone's throw from Venice and yet very far away. To be explored by bicycle, by boat, in silence....


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