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The Walls of Amelia

Ancient giants guarding the village

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Where is


05022 Amelia TR, Italia (381m s.l.m.)


What it is and where it is

Surrounded by a harmonious landscape rich in vegetation and characterized by rolling hills, wide valleys, mountains, forests and lakes, lies the beautiful and varied city of Amelia. Looking at it from a distance, one can admire it nestled on the hilltop. In some places, it seems that the lower part of the town follows a very regular pattern, forming almost a perfect circle around the sides of the mountain.

Why it is special

When you approach it, you realize that this shape is not random, rather it is given by an element so striking that it is one of the most characteristic symbols of the village. We are talking about the Polygonal Walls of Amelia. Imposing and majestic, they are an authentic hymn to the ancient history of these places, particularly the Roman era, as evidenced by its very large stone blocks joined and fastened together without the aid of any mortar.

Not to be missed

The city wall, which can be admired through an urban trekking route, is interrupted by five gates, some simpler, others more articulated. What is really astonishing and takes the mind back to the past is the fact that unlike most of the city gates we are used to seeing, here there are some that are still fitted with their knockers. Basically, doors that can be opened or closed as needed! So watch out for Porta Romana, Porta Posterola, and Porta della Valle, you might get a knock.


Once inside, you get lost in a journey through history among alleys, stairways, churches, palaces and towers, until you admire fascinating panoramic views. But Amelia offers much more than what a first glance can capture. There is in fact an underground city, f formed by extensive stratifications and evocative Cisterns, real masterpieces of hydraulic engineering from the Roman era.

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It is fascinating to admire the stone blocks that make up the ancient walls, not to mention the gates that still have their knockers! It's like taking a trip back in time!


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