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The hills of the Valcesano

"Among this rising of hills that greet, among this opening of valleys that smile" G. Carducci

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Where is


61047 San Lorenzo In Campo PU, Italia (172m s.l.m.)


What it is and where it is

Between the provinces of Ancona and Pesaro Urbino is a valley capable of excitement. A puzzle of colors and geometric figures, vineyards that give way to fields of wheat, olive trees and sunflowers, brown mingling with golden hues. Driving the roads along the Valcesano hills is a unique and engaging experience that fills the eyes and the heart. From San Lorenzo in Campo to Pergola, from Fratte Rosa to Mondavio to Mondolfo: endless spectacle of villages to discover.

Why it is special

The alternating terrain and towering villages make these heights unique, which like waves seem to chase each other to the sea. The scents and colors of the land change from day to day, offering those who cross the valley scenery of rare beauty. The ideal setting to immerse oneself in nature, taste typical dishes, and enjoy the tranquility and magic of rural environments.

Not to be missed

In summer, the countryside is populated from morning to late evening. There are those who work in the fields, those who stroll, those who ride their bicycles along ups and downs of rare beauty, and those who lunch and dine al fresco. It is also a pleasure to stop and photograph the endless expanses of sunflowers, walk through hay fields and enjoy magical sunsets. The hills of Valcesano reveal their rural soul and still give us an atmosphere of yesteryear.

A bit of history

In the rural calendar, the wheat harvest was definitely the most anticipated and challenging event. It usually took place between late June and mid-July and involved many people, adults and children, men and women. When the day was over, the farmers would return to their homes, the machinists would dismount from work and prepare for the next day. Sometimes people would gather on the farms to celebrate together the work accomplished.

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Drawn by the hand and skillful work of man, colored in all seasons, they look like paintings. The hills of the Valcesano, a land stretching from the Adriatic Sea to Mount Catria, frame picturesque villages rich in charm and history


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