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The little churches of Sorriva

Traces of history and devotion in Sovramonte

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Where is


Sorriva, BL, Veneto, 32033, Italia (592m s.l.m.)


What it is and where it is

In a dominant position, with a magnificent panoramic view of the Sovramonte plateau, stands the small Church of San Giorgio, San Dordi in the Feltrino dialect. The date 1506 appears on the church's portal, but San Giorgio has older roots, as evidenced by a Madonna Enthroned from the 1300s and the discovery of the foundations of a 10th-century apse. Inside are precious 16th-century frescoes. A quarter-hour walk takes you through Sorriva to the Chapel of Our Lady of Grace, built in 1633 to commemorate the deaths caused by the plague of 1631. Having visited the Chapel of Our Lady of Grace, you can descend via a dirt path to Rodela Pond.

Why it is special

Since 1632, on April 23, the whole village of Sorriva has celebrated the feast of San Giorgio with a traditional procession from the church of San Giorgio to the Cemetery of the plague victims in Pontera, near the Chapel of the Madonna delle Grazie, to fulfill the Vow made at the time of the plague of 1631 (the one described by Alessandro Manzoni in Promessi sposi.) During the feast, "la menestra de San Dordi," a bean soup prepared in turn by the families of the village, is distributed to the participants.

Not to be missed

Opposite the Chapel is the Pontera Capitol: here a brightly colored fresco depicts the transportation of plague victims from the village of Sorriva to their burial place in a mass grave at "Pian dei Mort," not far away. In the fresco, the "pizzegamorti" drag the dead with long harpoons, called angér, to prevent contact and contagion.

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