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Laveno Mombello and environs

A lakefront to fall in love with


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Laveno, 21014 Laveno-Mombello VA, Italia (197m s.l.m.)

This itinerary, photos and video were made by classes 4A and 4B of the Liceo "Sereni" of Luino, Laveno Mombello section, AS 2020/21, in the "CinemaScuola LAB - CINEMANDO - Education, Citizenship and Constitution" project. Objective: to discover and let people discover the beauty of their own land.On the shores of Lake Maggiore, embraced by the Pre-Alps, stands Laveno Mombello. Like many Italian villages, it holds monuments and treasures of great historical value, but it is the beauty of the landscape that will make you fall in love. Admire it while strolling along the lakeside promenade or embrace it with your gaze from the enchanting garden of Villa De Angeli Frua or, even better, from the top of Sasso del Ferro, convenient to reach by cable car. Back in the valley, the Laveno woods await you to take a dip in nature and, further south, Forte Castello Park to take a leap into history, back to Garibaldi's time. Fans of art and craft culture can visit the Cerro Ceramics Museum, where porcelain tells the story of a village's identity, between respect for traditions and experimentation with new forms. Finally, the Laveno-Cittiglio bike and pedestrian path offers the opportunity for a bike ride and a chance to discover the villages and flavors of the lake. You can reach Laveno Mombello by ferry from Intra or by car (we are only 80 km from Milan), but the hub of travel is undoubtedly the Ferrovie Nord station, where many visitors land: from here we branch off on our excursions to discover Laveno Mombello and its landscapes. Are you ready? Let's go!
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The Lakeside

Scenic walk

Villa De Aangeli Frua

The view from the park

Cable car and Sasso del Ferro

Wide-ranging views

Forest of Laveno

A plunge into nature

Fort Castle Park

A leap into history

Cerro Ceramics Museum

Identity in tradition

Laveno - Cittiglio

Along the bike and pedestrian path

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An itinerary created by the boys and girls of Sereni High School who, with the guidance of experts, created a video, a story by stages and a photo report. Objective: to discover and let people discover the beauty of their own land.