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Lake Ridracoli

The beauty of an encounter between man and nature

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Where is


Lago di Ridracoli, Provincia di Forlì-Cesena, Italia (550m s.l.m.)


What it is and where it is

If someone proposed a trip to an artificial reservoir, would you accept or decline? In my opinion, hearing the word artificial would make many people's hair stand on end. You know what? That would be a mistake. In fact, the municipality of Bagno di Romagna holds a beautiful example of how an artificial element such as a reservoir can exist in harmony with nature, so much so that it becomes a perfect destination for outdoor fun and relaxation. One should not be intimidated by the dam. This, in fact, creates a lake with deep blue waters, made of the reflection of the clear sky and the vegetation that surrounds and completes the landscape. All this, and much more, is Lake Ridracoli.

Why it is special

It happens to come across wonderful lakes, which, however, we cannot enjoy except with our eyes. In fact, there are often no facilities to do water activities or navigate safely, and that is a shame. Ridracoli's managers know this well, who have planned so many activities for the lake and park : excursions, bike rides, boat tours, museum visits, canoe rentals... and for the lazy ones? Green light to picnics and relaxation! Truly the ideal place to indulge and be in the company of those we wish.

Not to be missed

In addition to the normal activities, special events are organized to allow us to look at it with new eyes each time. One example is the sunset boat trip. Sunrise and sunset tint everything with warm, enveloping, vibrant colors. The trip might make you hungry, though, so as soon as you disembark, you go to eat at the lodge not far away, then return at night, lighting the way with flashlights. It is so evocative that you may find it tremendously adventurous or extremely romantic; either way, you will have enjoyed a fantastic evening!

A bit of history

The lake was created by the able combination of human engineering and nature, as it was artificially created with the construction of the Ridracoli Dam in order to feed the aqueduct and hydroelectric power plant for the surrounding area. Since it was inaugurated around 1980, the reservoir has been procuring and supplying drinking water of remarkable quality to much of Romagna. The construction of the dam coincided with the economic, tourist and social progress of the region, in response to the need for more water resources.


It seems that the name of the ancient village of Ridracoli originated from the mispronunciation of the name Rio degli Oracoli, "Rivus Oraculorum." This would indicate the presence of a pagan temple found along this watercourse within which a sibyl was believed to have been present who pronounced sentences addressed to wayfarers.

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