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Lake Fimon

A small natural lake nestled in the Berici Hills.

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Where is


Via Lago di Fimon, 36057 Lago di Fimon VI, Italia (30m s.l.m.)


Where is Lake Fimon

Fimon is a small natural lake on the outskirts of Vicenza, among the Berici hills. From the city center, you can get there by bus or even by bicycle, following an easy bike path for much of the way. The locals often go there on weekends for a short trip out of town, but we prefer it on weekdays and in winter, when it's quieter.

Why it's special: history and biodiversity

It is a protected area included in the "Natura 2000 Network" for its rich flora and fauna. Among willows and poplars, reeds and water lilies, you can even find the rare «water chestnut» and it is the habitat of many toads and varieties of fish. It is also an archaeological site: you will find a trail that leads you to discover traces of a very ancient past.

Not to be missed: what to do at Lake Fimon

Animal lovers: here you can admire swans and geese, pike, carp, and toads in the silence of nature... And you, lovers of walking: here you can take a walk or a bicycle ride around the lake along a quiet dirt path of just over 4 km. And if you want more, there's also a peaceful trail that will lead you to explore the Valley of the Mills. And now it’s your turn, idlers: here you can rest on the grassy shores, have a picnic with friends, or engage in fishing.

A bit of history

With its 35,000 years, it appears to be the oldest lake in northern Italy, even older than Lake Garda. In the area, archeologists have found remains of huts, flint and bone tools, pots and bowls, dating back to two different periods: the Neolithic and the Bronze Age. Among the finds, there was also the tomb of a young boy.


On the coldest days of winter, with a bit of luck, you can venture on a walk on the frozen lake.

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