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Lake Fiastra

A little blue jewel nestled in the Sibillini Mountains Park

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Where is


SP98, 62035 Fiastra MC, Italia (728m s.l.m.)


What it is and where it is

What opens before your eyes is a beautiful artificial lake obtained by damming the Fiastrone River. Nestled in the mountains of the Sibillini Mountains Park, Lake Fiastra offers a rare opportunity to relax and swim surrounded by the rolling hills of the Marche Apennines. Whether for a day of relaxation or a break during a mountain hike, its clear waters provide refreshment in summer and breathtaking views in other seasons.

Why it's special

Depending on your preferences, you can decide to take advantage of the facilities equipped with bars and sunbeds in the resort of San Lorenzo al Lago or go for an adventure and descend to the shores from one of the many paths that start from the road that runs along the lake. But it doesn't end there: in the surrounding area you can explore several nature and hiking trails, such as the San Lorenzo al Lago Nature Trail or the itinerary that, starting from the dam, leads to the Lame Rosse, another marvel of the Marche region.

A bit of history

The lake has a recent history, as it was artificially created in the 1950s. The localities surrounding it, on the other hand, are rich in history: in fact, churches, shrines and abbeys dating back to the 13th century stand around the lake.


The Sibillini Mountains Park, in which Lake Fiastra is immersed, is full of legends and ancient stories. Stop and talk to those who live there and be told the legend of the Sibyl, a mysterious figure who animates the collective imagination of the population and lends her name to those places.

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