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Bernigolo Lake

A quaint Lake surrounded by mountains, ideal for an out-of-town trip

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Where is


Lago Del Bernigolo, Via Miralago, 8, 24010 Moio De' Calvi BG, Italia (0m s.l.m.)


What it is and where it is

Lake Bernigolo is a reservoir of artificial origin created in 1947 in order to allow its waters to reach the Lenna power plant. It is located in the Brembana Valley, in the territory of the municipality of Moio de' Calvi. Surrounded by mountains and a rich and bursting nature, it shows its best when you follow the paths along its shores. Taking the Tour of the Lake, you pass by Passo Pioda and Cantone Santa Maria: it is a loop trail of about three kilometers of medium difficulty, requiring about an hour's walk.

Not to be missed

When it is in its optimal conditions, kayaking is also an excellent opportunity in this lake: in fact, the Brembo Kayak association is located here, which allows these wonderful experiences.

A bit of history

Over the years the lake has undergone various changes, including the accumulation of debris brought by repeated floods, so much so that recently its waters have even dried up, leading to an appeal by citizens, who asked "Save Lake Bernigolo. In 2013, its waters underwent restoration work so that they could be restored to their original state.

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Lake Bernigolo is a natural beauty that, like others, deserves to be protected.


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