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Twin Lakes

A wonder of nature among the best known and most loved in the Brembana Valley.

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Where is


Laghi Gemelli, 24010 Branzi BG, Italia (0m s.l.m.)


What it is and where it is

There is a place in the municipality of Branzi, enclosed by the majestic peaks of Pizzo Farno, Monte Spondone, Monte del Tonale and Pizzo del Becco, that is a hymn to beauty and love. It is the basin of a lake that is not just one lake, but two, joined by a dam: the Twin Lakes.

Not to be missed

Sometimes the journey is as beautiful as the destination, and this is the case with the paths leading to the Twin Lakes. There are three trails that lead here, allowing you to encounter the beauty of the Brembana Valley at the pace of your own steps. The best known trail is CAI Path 215, which leads from the Baite di Mezzeno to the lakes in about two hours. The second is CAI trail 211, which starts from Lake Carona, while the last, the most challenging of the three, dedicated to experts, is CAI trail 212, which starts from Branzi.

A bit of history

Until 1932, the Twin Lakes were two bodies of water close to each other and very similar, but separate. In that year, however, a dam was built, which united the two lakes into one large basin: despite the name "Laghi Gemelli," it is therefore actually formed as a single body.


The Twin Lakes tell a wonderful legend. A girl destined to marry a local nobleman became ill with sadness. No doctor knew how to cure her, except for one who revived her will to live. But he was not a doctor: he was a shepherd, her lover in disguise. One night they fled together, but the village awoke to search for them. In fear of being found and separated, the two young men fell into a precipice, forming two hollows in the clearing. A spring gushed from each hollow, going on to form the twin lakes. Today many believe that the dam that led to the joining of the lakes is a crowning achievement of the love between the two young boys.

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"A lake is the most beautiful and expressive feature of the landscape. It is the eye of the earth, to look into which the observer measures the depth of his own nature." - Henry David Thoreau.


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