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Crezzo Pond

A small body of water between the Grigne massif and Lake Como

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Where is


23865 Crezzo LC, Italia (0m s.l.m.)


What it is and where it is

Crezzo Pond, located in the basin of the same name, is a small body of water set in a striking landscape setting: a wet, almost marshy environment framed by the spectacular view of the imposing Grigne massif and overlooking Lake Como below.

Why it's special

Around the Crezzo pond one can come across a special feature: especially toward the roadside escarpment, behind the reedbed, one can observe sedge thickets. This is an annular area that surrounds lake basins, such as Crezzo Pond, with some species of sedges, plants that form characteristic large tufts raised above the ground when the water level is lower. The sedge can be a stage in the development of a natural succession from a lake to a forest, or if peat develops and its surface rises, to a bog proper.

Not to be missed

In such an environment there is certainly no shortage of "fond residents." Amphibians certainly stand out among them: salamanders, alpine newts, temporaria frogs and common toads, but there is no shortage of reptiles either, such as lizard lizards, wall lizards and vipers. A true paradise for those who want to get to know these species a little closer! Avifauna enthusiasts will not be disappointed either, thanks to robins, blackbirds, green woodpeckers and reed warblers.


Crezzo Pond is undergoing a phase of change: in recent years, in relation to its limited size and depth, it has been evolving toward progressive swamping, which will lead to the closure of the pond and the formation of peaty soft meadows.

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