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Small lakes of Cancano

Green and blue water, two small lakes surrounded by nature, with a beautiful walkway running alongside them

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Where is


G7HW+FV Valdidentro SO, Italia (1,949m s.l.m.)


What it is and where it is

We are in the Fraele Valley in the municipality of Valdidentro, about 20 kilometers from Bormio, in the province of Sondrio. In front of us are two clear little lakes, Lake San Giacomo and Lake Cancano II. We can enjoy them by taking the "tour of the lakes, " along dirt road No. 199: we start from the Ristoro Monte Scale, skirt the two dams, the Cancano and S. Giacomo di Fraele dams, go around the entire lake of San Giacomo (encountering two more refreshment points) and return to the starting point. The route is 16.8 km long and is easy with little elevation gain. Time required: about 4.5 hours.

Why it is special

We are in the Stelvio National Park, surrounded by nature and silence, surrounded by majestic mountains and verdant pastures... Civilization seems far away, but in fact the Cancano lakes are man-made: they are in fact two contiguous reservoirs, separated by a dam.

A bit of history

In the immediate vicinity: the ruins of the ancient Fraele Towers, built in the late 1300s to defend the Fraele Pass.


The two lakes are fed by the waters of the Adda River, which has its source not far from there on Monte Ferro. They are also fed by the Spöl canal, the Gavia - Forni - Braulio canal and the new Viola Bormina canal. In turn, the lakes feed the Premadio hydroelectric power plant in the municipality of Valdidentro, and have a total capacity of 187 million cubic meters of water.

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