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Crema's square, one of the most beautiful in Italy

An elegant, harmonious and lively square with the Cathedral in the center, surrounded by beautiful buildings

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Where is


Piazza del Duomo, 26013 Crema CR, Italia (0m s.l.m.)


The beating heart of Crema?

What to see in Crema, especially if you only have one day? Tough question, Crema is a beautiful city. Fortunately, however, Piazza Domo comes to our rescue. It stands in the center of the city and is overlooked by the cathedral, the Town Hall, with the Torrazzo arch (i.e., the city's civic tower), the Praetorian Palace with the Praetorian Tower, and the Bishop's Palace. To the south it is enclosed by a series of arcaded houses interspersed with narrow alleys. Here, at café tables under the arcades, the lively social life of thecity takes place.

Why it's special: experience Crema like the people of Crema.

The city's most importanthistoric buildings are all here, and entering the square is a thrill. The harmony that distinguishes it is determined by the temporal continuity of the buildings, all dating between the 15th and 16th centuries, and the pastel colors of the plasterwork. Even the Lombard terracotta of the cathedral fades to a golden pink at sunset.

Not to be missed: the best way to reach Piazza Duomo

One of the best experiences to have in Italy's historic centers is to discover some unexpected glimpses. In this regard, the advice is to reach the main square of Crema through Porta Ombriano: even before entering you have a magnificent view of it from the Torrazzo arch.

Fun fact: the locations of "Call Me by Your Name"

What are a green bicycle in front of the Pro loco and a small table with white chairs under the arcades, isolated from the others, doing there? They are reminders of a film shot in and around Crema, "Call Me by Your Name," by Guadagnino. The beautiful film was an extraordinary success abroad and still draws droves of young and very young European and American tourists eager to follow in the footsteps of the two main characters. The demand was so strong that the Pro Loco organized guided tours of the town and bicycle routes, strictly green like those in the film, in the surrounding countryside in search of the film's locations.

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Patrizia Iome

Nice to get lost in the town, looking for the beautiful buildings, the inner courtyards, the fine wrought-iron gates that enclose them, and (why not?) even the elegant boutiques in the old town.


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