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Fiumara d'Arte and The Atelier by the Sea.

One of the largest sculpture parks in Europe

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Via Cesare Battisti, 4, 98079 Castel di Tusa ME, Italia (10m s.l.m.)


Fiumara d'arte is one of Europe's largest sculpture parks that winds along the Fiumara di Tusa, involving small Sicilian villages including: Castel di Tusa, Pettineo, Motta d'Affermo, Villa Margi, Castel di Lucio and Reitano. The Atelier sul Mare is the museum hotel where you can stay and sleep immersed in art.

Fiumara's works are immersed in nature, so it is possible to have a truly slow experience in contact with the territory and local people. There are numerous farms that persist in this area and that act as a corollary to the art as a symbol of native culture.

Sicily has always been a land of crossroads de contrasts. It is curious, for example, how in a place marked by the struggle against the abuse of power and for responsible land use, a project such as Fiumara d'Arte draws denunciations and lawsuits, fines and condemnations upon itself because of an art defined as "defacing the environment." Antonio Presti, however, does not give up, and has been defending his open-air museum for 25 years. True, art may or may not be liked, but when it is made under the banner of a respectful dialogue with the environment, it becomes an opportunity for human creativity and nature to meet, almost a gift to a mother.

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Vanessa Cerrito

I work as a tour guide for Atelier sul Mare and Fiumara d'arte. I find this place a magical place because it winds through small Sicilian villages with breathtaking views and it is possible to experience an initiatory journey.


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