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La Fiuma and the Festival of Nedar

Two fall events warming up the Mantuan village of San Benedetto Po

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46027 San Benedetto po MN, Italia (0m s.l.m.)


Early autumn in San Benedetto Po, what a show!

San Benedetto sul Po is one of the "Most Beautiful Villages in Italy" and hosts two fall events not to be missed: the Fiuma, a figure theater festival, and the Sagra del Nedar, a food and wine event celebrating local recipes. Historically organized at different times, since 2021 the two events have been held at the same time, in early October, and there is no happier union than this!

Location of the events is Piazza Matilde di Canossa, the beating heart of the town and the local community. The central stage hosts the Fiuma shows: puppets, puppet shows, stand up comedy, monologues and many other theatrical forms for all tastes and ages.

At the same time, the village kitchens host dress rehearsals for the taste show, which features nedar, the duck in the local dialect. Restaurants and inns in the village offer visitors typical duck-based menus in full respect of local tradition. Among the most popular dishes are orange risotto with duck ragout, maccheroni al pettine with naked duck sauce, and duck tortello with hazelnut butter and sage. What can we say, cheers to the chefs!

Lots of activities for a party with bells on

There are also so many side events revolving around the two events: visits to St. Florian's bell tower, the Polironiano Civic Museum and the monastic complex, markets of local products and crafts, and educational activities for children. These include the "My Country on a Journey" contest where children make shoppers depicting sights, cultural heritage, gastronomic assets and landscapes of San Benedetto sul Po: the works are then displayed in the village's businesses.

MercatoFall Local Products Market.

Between the village and the festival great space is given to nature trails on the Po accessible to all that start from the historic center: on foot, by bike or simply relaxing while sipping an aperitif in contact with nature and the slow flow of the river.

Finally, there are two highlights of the days: the maccheronata in the square, organized by the local Arci, a moment of strong conviviality where the community and visitors have lunch together, and the "Nedar Cup" a bizarre and goliardic race with bikes transformed into farm animals!

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The beautiful village on the banks of the Po River experienced during two such different events, but with the same goal: to enhance the area.


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