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Cola cola and its creators

The song of rebirth echoes through the streets of Gravina in Puglia


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Piazza Benedetto XIII, 24, 70024 Gravina in Puglia BA, Italia (341m s.l.m.)


"Being a descendant of the Loglisci family, creators of one of the symbols of Gravina in Puglia, I proudly carry on this long tradition born in 1858." Thus speaks Marco, grandson of skilled Master Craftsmen, who today will tell us a little piece of his land through the notes of Cola Cola.

The song of the Magpie

The còula-còule is the name of the Magpie. It is a symbol of the birth of the earth, of Spring, but also of the resurrection of the dead, an intermediary, solar animal, of rebirth and rising from the underworld. These very characteristics made her perfect to be reproduced in terracotta, but not as a simple figurine. The Cola Cola, just like the animal it is inspired by, is immediately recognizable by its sound: it is in fact a whistle typical of the territory of Gravina di Puglia, intrinsically linked with its territory and its people. The various colors with which the instrument is painted recall those of the earth in spring, but also the underground bass.

The birth and spread of a symbol

The Cola Cola also has a surname. It is that of the Loglisci family, its creators who still carry on a tradition, five generations long, producing these whistles by hand. The strong cultural and identity value of this instrument led to the establishment, a few years ago, of the Cola Cola House Museum. The location was previously occupied by the Loglisci family itself, so we could say that the whistle simply opened its doors to tourists from all over the world.

01-casa-cola-colaCola Cola House Museum

The very building in which the museum is located has an interesting historical value: it is a former 18th-century monastery, inside of which there are objects, furniture and antique floors from the 1800s/1900s, the craft workshop and the most beautiful room in the house, called the toy room, because there are whistles of all kinds and types, with many colors, bringing joy and curiosity in the eyes of both children and adults. Those who run the museum, are Michele and Marco, uncle and nephew, both artisans who take their family roots to heart. The room that is truly unmissable, however, is the workshop itself , where the magic happens. The most satisfying experiences allow you to watch the making of artifacts or even actively participate in the workshop with children or adults. There is little to do, getting your hands in the dough is always fun and unforgettable!

Cola Cola journeys

Cola Cola, has traveled around the world, both in homes but also in museums, example, Cuchi Museum in Cesuna, in the Museum of Fine Arts and Popular Traditions in Rome and many others. Cola Cola also has been given to famous people such as, Boni Perti, Gerry Scotti, Mara Venier, Jerry Calà. But it was also an auspicious object at the inauguration of IVECO - FIAT in Melfi (PO), where, the then Lawyer Gianni Agnelli, gave to each of his guests, the terracotta whistle as a thank you for their presence at the opening of this company in the 80'.

02-loglisciLoglisci's master craftsmen brothers in their workshop, with their creations

A good marriage is recognized by singing

Legend has it that the groom-to-be, was supposed to blow the whistle three times in a row. If all three times he played the exact same sound, he would be rich, and thus the father of the bride would willingly consent to the marriage. If, however, the boy was wrong, and even one of the three whistles was different from the others, the marriage could be annulled because of the bad omen: three different sounds, in fact, meant poverty, and no father would knowingly condemn his daughter to this life.

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Being a descendant of the Loglisci family, creators of one of the symbols of Gravina in Puglia, I proudly carry on this long tradition born in 1858.