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The chapel of St. Anthony Abbot on the rock in Trent.

Clinging to the rock and its ancient origins.

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Where is

Trentino-Alto Adige

Via Angelo Bettini, 11, 38123 Trento TN, Italia (220m s.l.m.)


What it is and where it is

I find myself in the midst of the tall towers of Madonna Bianca, bewildered. These concrete behemoths rising dozens and dozens of meters prevent me from a 360-degree view. Until, at a certain point, I reach Piazzale Europa. And here, on an outcrop of living rock, stands a curious chapel with an octagonal plan and small bell gable, dated 1662.

Why it is special

This historical-architectural gem alone bears the weight of being the last bastion of the peasant culture that was predominant here before the phenomenon of urbanism took hold in the 1970s. From the top of the rock from which it emerges, on which it is also grafted by a lush green patch made up of trees and plants, it holds firmly to a past all to be rediscovered.

Not to be missed

In 1986 the interior of the chapel was restored and furnished by the Giorgio Rizzoli family of Madonna Bianca, in memory of their parents. But, the highlight for art lovers is an altarpiece of St. Anthony the Abbot (by an unknown German author) jealously guarded inside the small temple suspended above the rock, accessible via the exterior side steps.

La cappella di Sant'Antonio Abate sulla roccia a TrentoThe clock of St. Anthony's chapel on the rock outcrop, seen from below

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Luigiandrea Luppino

It stands on an outcrop of living rock, as if firmly anchored to a rock beaten by the waves of urbanism. It proves that the most beautiful treasures can be found in places that are at first glance uninteresting...


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