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Belvedere's Infernot, but not only.

Monferrato of wines, stones and surprises

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15049 Vignale Monferrato AL, Italia (0m s.l.m.)


What it is and where it is

The municipality of Vignale Monferrato is home to one of the two sites of the Pietra da Cantoni Ecomuseum (the other is in Cella al Monte). Pietra da cantoni is a particular type of sandstone characteristic of the Monferrato region that is well suited for carving. If you are in Monferrato for its wines and think rock is not for you, stop before you miss out on a local gem. In fact, right here, you can descend underground to discover an incredible winery: the Infernot del Belvedere. It is a room carved into the rock below the building that contains several bottles of wine on display. Can you see now why this visit is just right for you?

Because it is special

The Belvedere Infernot is not the only hypogeum of its kind: there are also others in the village, such as the one in the Callori palace, not to mention in neighboring towns. We could call the Infernot a cultural typicality of the area. Each has its own characteristics, but there are many common features: they are underground rooms dug into the rock, with one or more rooms, or even corridors, equipped with shelves where bottles can be stored and sometimes a table, for tasting on the spot. All the "furnishings" are original, in the sense that they are an integral part of the structure, having themselves been carved into the rock.

Not to be missed

Most of the Monferrato Infernot are located within private farms or estates: it is advisable to inquire before deciding to visit them and not be disappointed! Once inside them, it is time to completely immerse yourself in their world: observe the surface of the rock, smooth, or left natural, or even with still the traces of the tools used to excavate it; breathe this particular air, so suitable for storing wines; savor a good glass directly here, perhaps leaning on the stone table, observe the color of the wine in the half-light, taste its fragrance, perceive its full-bodiedness and richness on the palate in a moment never to be forgotten again.

A bit of history

Their thousand-year history is inextricably linked to the farming world. Dug by hand directly into the rock, these deep underground rooms without ventilation initially had the role of being safe shelters for foodstuffs. From the second half of the 19th century, the turning point: the many local wineries filled the Infernot with fine wines. Visitable by reservation, the Infernot are now an evocative opportunity to explore an unusual Monferrato and understand even more about the very deep connection between wine and territory. Such a deep connection this, that since 2014 the Infernot Circuit has been officially recognized by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site.


There are indeed many Infernot present in the Monferrato territory, both public and private, and it is possible to keep track of them and go and discover them precisely thanks to the Pietra da Cantoni Ecomuseum. After all, each Infernot has its own peculiar characteristics, and it is exciting to visit more than one to better understand this fascinating reality. For example: the Callori Infernot cannot be visited in summer because during this period, in addition to the fine wine, a colony of bats is installed inside to give birth and wean their young.

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Precious architectural gifts of Monferrato between history and food and wine culture.


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