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Kalabria Coast to Coast

From the Ionian to the Tyrrhenian Sea: at a slow pace in the truest Calabria

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Soverato, 88068 Soverato CZ, Italia (5m s.l.m.)

Calabria from the Ionian to the Tyrrhenian Sea, from the Orange Coast to the Coast of the Gods. It is a 55-kilometer nature trail, to be savored at a slow pace among expanses of centuries-old olive trees, rows of vines, fields of wheat and prickly pears, woods of chestnut and century-old beech trees, picturesque granite stones shaped by time, ancient villages and the magnificent nature oasis of Lake Angitola. But it is above all an emotional and sensory journey inside a Calabria far from the usual tourist routes, discovering those ancient flavors and values that are the roots of this wonderful land.

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From the white Ionian beaches of the Costa degli Aranci, starting from Soverato and crossing the mountainous territory of the Calabrian Preserre in their shortest stretch, passing through picturesque villages...


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