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Vivara Island

Lush crescent lying on the Tyrrhenian Sea.

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Where is


Isola di Vivara, Procida, NA, Campania, Italia (0m s.l.m.)


What it is and where it is

Vivara is one of the four islands of the Flegree archipelago. Connected to Procida by a bridge, the island is shaped like a half-moon, testifying to its volcanic origin. It would, in fact, be what remains of a crater crumbled over time by the erosive force of the sea. Small in size (just 32 hectares), this Lilliputian world has been uninhabited for nearly fifty years, becoming a favorite refuge for many animal and plant species.

Why it is special

The walk to reach Vivara from nearby Procida is high-impact and consumes the anticipation of a spectacular journey into the lap of nature. After walking down a downhill stretch of road that allows the gaze to embrace the entire landscape, you reach the bridge from the aqueduct, a connecting element between the noisy and touristy dimension that characterizes Procida and one of absolute silence. Suspended over the sea, step by step, we approach a gate beyond which a staircase of lava material leads to the heart of the island. From now on, all that remains is to be inebriated with scents, sounds and colors: nature here has returned to pulsate with its arcane splendor.

Not to be missed

The walk along the main path crosses the island longitudinally and winds among ancient trees, old 17th-century buildings and archaeological excavations. At the end of the plateau, at the top, is the King's Table (a place where King Ferdinand IV apparently used to enjoy oysters). Here, on the belvedere, in the late 1800s, Anglo-Neapolitan architect Lamont Young designed a utopian, revolving house that was never completed. End the walk. Your feet come to a halt as your gaze plunges over the spectacular Bay of Naples.


In 2001, thanks to the world's longest Tibetan bridge, Vivara entered the Guinness Book of Records. At 362 meters long, the structure was built to connect the promontory of Santa Margherita to Procida and the island of Vivara.

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