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The Carlo Goldoni Theater

the velvet heart of Corinaldo's cultural life

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Where is


Via del Corso, 66, 60013 Corinaldo AN, Italia (188m s.l.m.)


What it is and where it is

Collected and elegant, the Goldoni Theater is a surprise to the visitor. The minimalist entrance that faces those who cross Porta Nova at the beginning of Via del Corso gives no way of imagining the small wonders gathered in an interior decorated in the styles in vogue in the 19th century, with a splendid ceiling in shades of blue and gold. The chandelier drops from its center like a graceful drop of light that prepares the soul for the wonders that will come to life on stage. It is dedicated to Carlo Goldoni, one of the masters of modern comedy, and has hosted many big names in Italian theater since its opening in 1869.

Why it is special

The theater is a timeless space, perfectly restored in its 19th-century style, with the grace of decorations, stucco and velvet. Cozy and intimate, it offers an experience to be lived without distraction, to grasp its subtle and reserved charm. A historic but vital theater, it is still used today hosting a rich theater season with professional companies and the city's many cultural activities.

Not to be missed

Those who love real theater should not miss a visit to the Goldoni, especially on the occasion of a show or special event. The moment when the lights go down and the curtain is about to open is one for goosebumps.

A bit of history

The Corinaldese community decided to build the Goldoni Theater in the 1860s because the old Teatro del Sole Nascente was no longer adequate to the needs of the town. The first design was by the Florentine Alessandro Pasqui, but other engineers intervened in the work. A true team effort. The new theater turned out to be spacious and functional, organized into stalls, three tiers of boxes and a gallery, all richly decorated. In 2006 the theater was completely restored and adapted to continue safely in its role as the city's cultural space.


The Goldoni Theater, until its restoration in 2006, had an ingenious piece of machinery that allowed the stalls to be raised to stage level, thus creating a completely level hall that was used for the dance parties and veglioni that were organized in the city.

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