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The path of 100 steps

Step by step in history

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Where is

Trentino-Alto Adige

38050 Calceranica al Lago TN, Italia (465m s.l.m.)


What it is and where it is

The 100 Steps Trail could almost be described as a stumbling path. Indeed, crossing the ancient Roman roads between Migazzone and Calceranica, at the height of the last Bosentino countryside, my gaze is drawn to a wooden marker bearing its name. Only as I lean out do I become aware of the presence of this imposing flight of stone steps that, a few meters below, disappears swallowed by vegetation...

Why it is special

A singular feature of the trail is that, despite developing for 150 meters in the municipality of Calceranica, the trail continues to climb along the wooded walls of the Vigolana Plateau for another 220 meters, in the territory of Bosentino. A very important connection, then, not only between the two municipalities, but also between the shores of the lake and the mountain above.

Not to be missed

Leaning out to see the path you may experience - as I did - a strong feeling of vertigo, as the ancient stone steps plunge steeply toward the dense forest below, at least some 20 meters below. If you keep your gaze higher, however, you will enjoy a magnificent view of Lake Caldonazzo and the mountains of Valsugana.

A bit of history

The trail, in the Calceranica Mining Park, was connected topyrite mining, which has very ancient origins. After its incontrovertible fall into disuse already in the 1960s, the path was recovered with raking and cleaning works not only of the stone steps, but also of the adjoining dry stone walls, characteristic of the terraces that formerly covered the Mandola Valley and that, still today, in part, can be admired.

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Luigiandrea Luppino

It hides among the dense foliage of the trees around it and, at the same time, impetuously re-emerges from an ancient past, as if to prove that it has withstood, in spite of everything, the passage of millennia.