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The shrine of Santa Augusta in Vittorio Veneto

The Shrine on the City of Victory, destination of the High Road of Silence

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Where is


Via Santa Augusta, 1, 31029 Vittorio Veneto TV, Italia (145m s.l.m.)


What it is and where it is

If, when visiting the spectacular area of Serravalle in Vittorio Veneto, one takes the beautiful path in the midst of greenery that climbs the slopes of Mount Marcantone from the cathedral, halfway up the hillside one will come to a monumental staircase whose one hundred steps lead the pilgrim to the shrine dedicated to Augusta, the patron saint of the town.

Why it is special

The path one takes from behind the apse of the Santa Maria Nova cathedral is the easiest way to the shrine, but also the most significant. As you ascend, in fact, you will encounter six small churches, each dedicated to a different saint, and made as a vow and thanksgiving to the patron saint for the narrow escape from the plague of 1630. With the cathedral-the seventh church-they are reminiscent of the seven Roman basilicas and are stages of meditation and prayer in the spiritual ascent to the shrine.

Not to be missed

Saint Augusta is celebrated on August 22. On this occasion, the famous Santa Augusta fair takes place for several days, filling the village with rides, stalls and other attractions. The festival ends with the "foghi de Santa Augusta, " fireworks that, because of their beauty, attract hundreds of people, not only from Vittorio Veneto but from the entire surrounding area.

A bit of history

According to tradition, the church stands on the site of an ancient castle where Augusta, daughter of King Matruc, lord and tyrant of those lands at the time of Alaric's Visigothic rule, lived. Augusta converted to the Christian faith and discovered by her father was tortured and martyred. In 1450 it was decided to rebuild the ancient church and the burials of Augusta and her nurse Cita were discovered. The chapel dedicated to her has valuable frescoes attributed to Andrea da Treviso.


"Le colone de l'altar la to schena fa drezar" and "Le cordele de Santa Gusta le guarisse dal mal de zuca" are the popular sayings that claim healing from back pain, for those who pass between the two columns supporting the ark with the Saint's relics, and healing from migraine or "mal de zuca," for those who stick their heads between the openings of a gate that fences the place, where Augusta's bones are said to have been found in 1450. Will it be true? It's worth a try!

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A magical place, a place of spirituality and faith, from which there is a splendid view of the city of Vittorio Veneto and the surrounding hills; a beautiful and easy walk to take in company.

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