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The novel "Spirits Of Lessinia" by Angelo Frigotto

An adventure in the woods of Cimbrian mythology

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37030 Campofontana VR, Italia (1,211m s.l.m.)


If you pass through Lessinia you can discover how alive the magic is, just immerse yourself in nature and listen, stop for a moment and feel it. When the wind passes through the foliage, it may bring you the voice of the trees, and it is not unusual for the elements to come alive. After all, who said that magic does not exist? If we go back to the earliest civilizations and up to a few thousand years ago, magic was the science, medicine and faith of ancient peoples, and the God that people worshipped was nature. Why should this not still be the case!!!? It is in this context that "Spirits of Lessinia" was born and developed, a fantasy novel set in eastern Lessinia, in a new magical world inspired by Cimbrian folk folklore, by a true adventure, ideal for children but also for adults who do not want to stop dreaming.

"Spirits of Lessinia" is the tale of a fantastic adventure that the author himself experiences firsthand with a group of friends in his beloved eastern Lessinia. It is an ordinary day for Badger, the mussaro of Campofontana, when an encounter with elemental creatures opens his eyes to a magical world, until then only theorized. The messages from the elemental spirits grow thicker and thicker, expressing a clear call for nature's help, thus prompting the author and his friends on a three-day journey in search of something mysterious. Accompanied by donkeys, their indispensable help, the group will discover the magic of a unique territory and a magical world, connected to life more than we think. Adventure, encounters, clashes and experiences that will lead the companions to inner growth and the discovery of a new philosophy of life.

01-anguanaAnguanas are alpine nymphs connected to water.

The preface is by Stefano Zampieri, a journalist and writer who immediately loved my story. "Spirits Of Lessinia" is not just any fantasy: usually novels of this genre, fascinating as they are, offer quite similar sights, such as elves from the woods, dwarves from the mountains, dragons, and you name it. This, on the other hand, is a new and fresh novel, because it is set right in the magical Lessinia, which is unique both in geology, in the culture and traditions of the ancient Cimbri, and in the architecture and fantastic creatures that populate the folk folklore, which we might call the pantheon of the Cimbri. Ever since I was a child, I have loved these mountains, and the energy they give off led me to the choice of coming to live here, and it was here in Campofontana that my passion for its ancient inhabitants, the Cimbrians, inspired what became my first fantasy novel.

Unlike my poetry books, with "Spirits Of Lessinia" I decided to take the step to become an independent author, so the self-produced book is in a limited edition. Do not expect an essay on the Cimbri and magic: "Spirits Della Lessinia" is the story of a fantastic adventure experienced firsthand right in the magical mountains of Campofontana.This is a book for children, let's say ages 10 and up, but it can also appeal to adults, as those who can read between the lines will discover that the journey is also spiritual. The uniqueness of "Spirits Of Lessinia" lies not only in the scenery in which it is set and the view it offers of new magical creatures, but above all in its being an opportunity to explore other horizons on the human/animal relationship and the deep bond between man and nature.

02-basiliscoFearsome creature said to be born from rooster eggs

The project was born after years of studying Cimbrian culture and traditions, during which I became increasingly fascinated by the creatures of the folk folklore of our mountains. I decided to focus my research precisely in the magical world of Lessinia, discovering the uniqueness of such beings, the hidden meaning behind each legend; how such an ancient people were connected to nature, its messages, places of special energy, how they gave a face to such ancestral spirits.

03-nel-boscoThe author, Angelo Frigotto, in the beloved Lessini forests.

The one described in "Spirits Of Lessinia" is a world capable of bringing positive messages to young people, including love and respect for what surrounds us, the importance of sincere friendships, rediscovering empathy, the ancient bond between man and animal, and, in such technological times, the importance of rediscovering nature, going off on an adventure and living life to the fullest, with one's own eyes and no longer with those of others, filtering our existence in front of a screen. These are the values that I myself believe in and reflect my philosophy of life.

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Spirits Of Lessinia is a fantasy novel set in eastern Lessinia, in a new magical world inspired by Cimbrian folk folklore, from a true adventure, ideal for children but also for adults who do not want to stop dreaming.


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