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The Roman bridge of Tramatza

A true jewel of ancient engineering in the province of Oristano, one of a kind

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09070 Tramatza OR, Italia (0m s.l.m.)


The Cispiri River and its bridge

Tramatza is a town in the province of Oristano crossed by the Cispiri River. Propio the river is crossed by two bridges: a fairly recent one, and one that is nothing short of marvelous: it is the ancient Roman bridge of Tramatza. 200 meters long, it has side banks that protect passersby. What is truly amazing is that despite being so old, it is still in excellent condition. In fact, it is the only bridge in the entire province of Oristano that is still intact.

A very long history

The Roman bridge at Tramatza seems to date back to the late Republican or early Empire period. The deck is the only part to have undergone major changes: the original Roman deck was replaced in the Middle Ages with the one that can still be seen today. Over the centuries the bridge has maintained its importance as a communication route, so much so that it has always been cared for and restored to keep it in working order. Only recently, some 30 years ago, was it closed to traffic to preserve it.

Not to be missed: the Sardinian rural soul.

The municipality of Tramatza in which the bridge is located is definitely worth a visit. With its low houses, churches and wide countryside surrounding it, it is the ideal place to encounter Sardinian rural culture. An unmissable opportunity for those who want to get to know a less touristy and inflated Sardinia.

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