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The Po Delta - 7 DI 7

The Po di Volano, from Ferrara to Pomposa Abbey.

A dive into history, from the capital of the Este family to the mosaics of the medieval basilica

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Ferrara FE, Italia (0m s.l.m.)


The Po di Volano is an ancient branch of the Delta that separates from the river course on the hydrographic right at Stellata and descends to lap the city of Ferrara. In medieval times it represented the master course of the river, contributing to the fortunes of the city of the Este family, but with the infamous Rotta di Ficarolo, which in 1152 imprinted a more northerly course on the waters, it gradually lost flow and importance, assuming the character of a regulated canal. At the height of the city from it departs another river branch that has decayed to the point of being reported on maps as the Dead Po of Primaro, which, while it once flowed into the sea at the height of Ravenna, today merges with the Reno River and flows out at the height of the Comacchio Valleys.

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From Ferrara, capital of salama da sugo, to Comacchio, stronghold of eel... by golly!


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