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The Po Delta - 1 DI 7

The Po di Levante, from Adria to Porto Caleri

Wandering by embankments around around the northernmost branch of the Po Delta.

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45011 Adria RO, Italia (0m s.l.m.)


The river's hydrographic history, including memorable floods and major hydraulic works, is very complex. In the case of the Po di Levante, suffice it to say that it is an ancient branch of the delta, the northernmost. As a result of the so-called Taglio del Po, operated by the Venetians in the early 17th century, it now conveys to the sea only the waters of an ancient tributary, the Tartaro, which originates in the Bassa Veronese and then flows past Adria under the name Canal Bianco. For statistics it is 17 kilometers long, roughly covering the distance between Porto Viro and the mouth. The outlet into the Adriatic Sea occurs at Porto Levante, the main maritime and yachting center of the province of Rovigo.

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From Adria to the Adriatic-and it's a play on words that tells a thousand-year history-full of beauty...


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