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The Po Delta - 6 DI 7

The Po di Goro, from Ariano in the Polésine to the Bacucco lighthouse

From bridge to bridge, with a nautical appendage to the Sacca di Goro Dunes and Islands Reserve

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45012 Ariano RO, Italia (0m s.l.m.)


The Po di Goro is the branch that branches off to the southeast from the main course, marking for a stretch the border between Veneto and Emilia-Romagna. It is the arm that is most often descended by boat in search of naturalistic thrills because it puts on a show between two wings of willows, which thicken into semi-flooded thickets as a bend is formed. It may happen that a tree falls and crosses the river, being adopted by dozens of herons, while certain large poplars offer the exciting spectacle of the gathering of hundreds of cormorants. Embankment paths, allowed by the bridges of Ariano, Mesola and Gorino, widen river views to the expanse of rice fields animated by herons of various species.

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The Po Delta in all its splendor--river visions, fossil dunes, remote islands, even an Este castle!


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