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The Mount of Marana

Many paths, one destination, and a majestic landscape


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Where is


Via Gebbani, 36070 Crespadoro VI, Italia (921m s.l.m.)


What it is and where it is

The summit of Monte Marana is a very satisfying destination. To reach it, we choose the route that leads from Contrada Gebbani to malga Lè-Cacciavillani, from where we climb the slope thanks to the path well marked by red signs. Cima Marana can also be reached starting from Contrada Castagna. Just before a votive capital, a path starts that intersects CAI section No. 202, and leads to the summit. There are two other possibilities: the first still from contrada Gebbani, passes through contrada Sacco and Malga Rialto, the second starting from contrada Pasquali continues to contrada Castagna following CAI trails 202 and 203. The choice is yours!

Why it is special

Located at the end of the Three Crosses Chain, on its summit, 1554 meters, you can see one of the most striking views in all of northern Italy. In fact, on clear days, you can even see with the naked eye the Marghera industries, Lake Garda, the Pasubio and Carega peaks as well as the Plateau, Grappa, the Brenta Group, Adamello and the Dolomites.

Not to be missed

Every year at the end of July, the Cima Marana group organizes the traditional cross festival. It is the perfect opportunity to combine contemplation of the landscape with meeting local people who can tell you countless stories about the mountains!

A bit of history

In the photos you can see a postcard from history, traveled back in 1901 from Marana itself. In fact, towards the end of the 19th century, this was a real resort for scholars, musicians, doctors, lawyers, and professors who flocked from all over the province. In fact, Cima Marana was said to be reached by a healthy sea breeze from the Adriatic. Its illustrious guests include Queen Margherita, who in 1879, on vacation in Recoaro Mille, had her son Victor Emmanuel III accompany her to Sella di Campetto to admire the beautiful panorama of the place.


On the summit is a cross carried by the citizens of Marana on August 27, 1977. A cross from 1870 and 1913 had preceded it, destroyed by lightning fire.

il-monte-di-maranaHistorical image - Ph: Unknown Source.

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