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The Dolmen of Bisceglie

Stone tales from the distant past

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Where is


Via Sant'Andrea, 479, 76011 Bisceglie BT, Italia (77m s.l.m.)


What it is and where it is

In the fields of red earth, among the artistic woven logs typical of southern Italy, austere stone blocks tell a story thousands of years long. We are in Bisceglie, in northern Barese, to give voice to a Wonder dating back to the Bronze Age, a funerary monument of megalithic culture that, in terms of size, beauty of line and state of preservation, is considered among the most important of its kind in Europe, and recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2011.

Why it is special

Famous as the Dolmen of the "Chianca," which, in the local dialect chienghe, means stone slab, this spectacular megalith is in fact made of four large stone blocks that make up the burial cell and other smaller ones to form a corridor almost ten meters long.

Not to be missed

The Bisceglie countryside is a spectacle of evocative beauty, cut by quiet side streets bordered by dry stone walls and framed on one side by the sea and on the other by the sinuous reliefs of the Murge Plateau. An itinerary that is enriched by the discovery of the excellent local productions of olive oil, cheeses and wines.

A bit of history

Excavation campaigns in the early 1900s unearthed human skeletons, stone furnishings dating from 1200 to 1000 B.C. and animal remains, probable leftovers from ritual meals and the rituals that accompanied entry into the Afterlife. The artifacts were acquired by the Bari Archaeological Museum, where they are currently kept.


The inestimable value of this historical heritage was also recognized by the Italian Post Office, which issued a stamp depicting the Chianca dolmen in 2007.

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The Dolmen is a symbol of my hometown; it brings my mind back to Sunday outings with the family.


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