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The Po Delta

From Adria to Ferrara a range of emotions, following the great river that meets the sea

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45011 Adria RO, Italia (0m s.l.m.)


The great river

The Po Delta offers the spectacle of the great river that fans out to meet the sea, a borderless environment where only birds can call themselves masters. Adria is one of the gates of the park established in '97 by the Veneto Region: 12 thousand hectares of protected nature and 9 municipalities (Adria, Ariano nel Polesine, Corbola, Loreo, Papozze, Porto Tolle, Porto Viro, Rosolina, Taglio di Po). Then there is the part dependent on Emilia Romagna, which descends to the Comacchio Valleys, considered the southern gateway to the park, except for descending to the Cervia salt flats.

fraticello in voloFraticello in flight

The river branches out, distributing its waters in environments with different names - floodplains, valleys, lagoons, sandbars - depending on their relationship with the water element, each with a specific flora and fauna. The delta is the realm of waterfowl: there are 350 species, from herons to flamingos, which behave with extreme confidence to the great satisfaction of birdwatchers.

It is an ever-changing territory so much so that a distinction is made between "geographic delta"-referring to the branches directly involved in its hydrography-and "historical delta," regarding the branches that have been excluded from it by natural events or the work of man: to the geographical delta belong the Po di Maistra, the Po di Pila, the Po delle Tolle and the Po di Goro; to the historical delta belong the Po di Levante, which is the most northerly, and the Po di Volano, from which the Po di Primaro branches, which are the most southerly.

casettaWhere the boundary between land and water is more blurred than ever

By boat and bicycle

This is the territory that in 1999 was recognized as part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site "Ferrara, City of the Renaissance, and its Po Delta." One explores the territory on two wheels (or even by car), along embankments and dirt roads, although the main means remains the boat, which allows one to gain absolutely privileged vantage points. In the practical, individual branches have been presented in favor of the current, giving indication of bridges to draw bank routes and also to combine them with adjacent ones.

The visit reserves considerable pleasures on the gastronomic front as well : the first thought goes to the mollusks - clams and mussels - that are the wealth of the place, but fish, from the lagoon or the sea, also contributes to unforgettable tables. Not forgetting Ferrara, the wonderful capital of the Este family, which also honors their memory with a timeless delicacy such as salama da sugo.

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