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The Village of Cornello dei Tasso

A medieval gem that speaks of posts and poetry

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Where is


24010 Cornello BG, Italia (0m s.l.m.)


What it is and where it is

The Borgo di Cornello dei Tasso is a hamlet of Camerata Cornello, in the province of Bergamo. It is one of the best-preserved medieval villagesin the Lombardy region and is among "The Most Beautiful Villages in Italy." Its name is linked to the ancient Tasso family, known mainly for the great poet Torquato Tasso, but who also distinguished themselves for their entrepreneurial spirit. In fact, the Tasso family managed the imperial post office of the Habsburgs starting in the 16th century, so much so that they are credited with the invention of the modern postal system. And the small village itself has much to tell in this regard.

Why it is special

This hamlet is small, but it holds a great history in its arms: it is in fact perfectly preserved in its original integrity, and to visit it is to really immerse oneself in the past and the traditions of the place. What allows it to remain unchanged over time is its location: perched on a rock, it can still only be reached on foot, following a mule track that starts from Camerata Cornello.

Not to be missed

An authentic treasure not to be missed in this hamlet is the Tasso and Postal History Museum, which allows you to dive even deeper into the history of the family of the same name to which this particular place is linked (in particular thanks to the ancient documentation related to their activity). What is even more characteristic is precisely the fact that this museum is located inside a 15th-century rural house.

A bit of history

This small but large village in medieval times was an important center of trade thanks to the presence of the via Mercatorum, or "merchants' road," which connected Bergamo to Valtellina and united some of the most important centers in the Brembana Valley. Starting in 1592, the Via Priula was built, desired by the Republic of Venice to create a direct link between Bergamo and Valtellina, without passing through Spanish territories. This led to a long period of decline for Cornello, but ensured that this little gem of the Brembana Valley could be kept intact and preserved over time.

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