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Pergola's treasures are waiting for us on the table!

Tastes and scents of tradition

Local flavors
Local flavors

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Corso Giacomo Matteotti, 53, 61045 Pergola PU, Italia (272m s.l.m.)


Pergola: hidden treasures in the Marche countryside.

Ancient buildings sprout like mushrooms from the vegetation. The trees in the gardens, the hills shrouded in wild and mysterious woods, the gentle slopes to which man's labor gives golden colors, or placid expanses of green. Here is kept the treasure of Pergola, a wealth made of "gold, diamonds and rubies." The most exciting thing is that much of this heritage is not kept in chests or museum cases, but can be enjoyed by anyone with the desire to do so. How? Well, first of all, come to Pergola: we will take care of guiding you among gilded bronzes, sumptuous truffles and voluptuous wines.

borgo-di-pergolaA glimpse of the village of Pergola

The diamonds and rubies of Pergola

Perhaps the most precious of these gifts is found just beneath the ground. It is a fertile and generous land that of Pergola, from which expert hands carefully extract the precious truffles. Just think that there are as many as 40 hectares used for truffles in the municipal territory. The fruit of this work is intoxicating in quality and variety: The prized white, but also the prized black, summer black, uncinato and bianchetto, make Pergola a worthy bearer of the name "Truffle City."

tartufiFragrant diamonds in the rough

The local cuisine is enriched by this distinct and unmistakable flavor and offers many tasting possibilities. Learning how to use and combine truffles, in fact, is most important to fully enjoy their properties. For example, do you know what is the best wine to accompany these dishes? It is quickly said: the diamonds of the table want a worthy companion: the ruby of these lands, Pergola Rosso Doc. The Aleatico grape variety has been present in the Pergola area since 1234, the year the town was founded. It was probably brought by the founding Eugubinians, who planted the first rows of vines at Grifoleto, where the oldest vineyards in the entire municipality still exist.

Until the mid-1980s the vine was known as "Vernaccia Rossa di Pergola," and the wine was identified by that name. Following ampelographic research it was later discovered that it was a clone, or biotype, of Aleatico. After extensive historical research and subsequent experimentation, it was granted DOC status in 2005. In 2005 the local Vernaccia di Pergola was granted DOC status in the Rosso, Novello and Passito versions under the name "Pergola doc."

visciolatoA selection of wines from the village

Special mention: the Visciolato, intoxicating and sensual

Truffles and wines come together to make unforgettable meals, but even the best have their limits. In this case, it's dessert. And, let's be honest, it is this course that prepares us to bid farewell to the table, so it must be unforgettable. In Pergola's case, there is an enticing option, to say the least: Visciolato. This sweet and persuasive liqueur is made by processing sour cherry, a wild cherry fermented with structured red wine from the previous harvest. Many believe it is an aphrodisiac! Pair it with artisanal chocolate for a warm, enveloping embrace of flavors-a sensation you're unlikely to forget!

Flavors in celebration

It is always a good time to enjoy the delicacies that Pergola has to offer, but there are certain times of the year when good food becomes authentically festive. On the first three Sundays of October, the town hosts the Pergola National Fair of the Prized White Truffle. This is a great showcase that has grown year after year to attract thousands and thousands of visitors from all over Italy and beyond. You will find the Truffle House, the market exhibition, tastings, themed menus, events at the theater, in the historic center and at the museum, with the participation of prestigious guests. In December, on the other hand, the Christmas CioccoVisciola is scheduled: a chocolate and sour cherry festival with many events for the whole family.

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Fine black and white truffles, Pergola Doc wine, sour cherry: in Pergola, quality is on the table