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The murals in the districts of Alvese

The walls tell that...

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Where is


36070 Centro Alvese VI, Italia (590m s.l.m.)


What it is and where it is

In the green upper Chiampo Valley, there is Alvese, the only hamlet in the municipality of Nogarole Vicentino. In this almost bucolic landscape, the houses that make up the village have slowly been enriched with frescoes and paintings depicting trades and traditions of the first half of the 20th century. Each contrada has its specialty: the mine, the casàra, the pasture, the carbonàra, copare el màs-cio, el scarpàro, la lìssia, the grape harvest, the old school...

Why it is special

The link with ancestral crafts is so strong that it becomes history, culture and identity for the community, and it is evident in every representation. When you look at them, in fact, you cannot help but notice a sweet note, that typical affective reflection that lines our childhood memories. It is a bit as if the walls of the houses in Alvese carry outward the photographs and memories of the families who live in them. The visitor who explores the village streets looking for and admiring the works will feel as if he is back in his grandfather's arms, lulled by his voice telling past stories.

Not to be missed

It is always nice to take a walk in Alvese, but there is one moment that is undoubtedly better than the others: the Maruni Festival that takes place in October. It is a food and wine event that boasts nearly 40 editions. During the festival, hiking and biking tours are organized so that you can get up close and personal with all the murals, characteristic sights in the districts, and paths surrounded by nature. A book was also published in December 2017 that tells, for each mural, the history and particular tradition of the contrada that inspired it.

A bit of history

In the summer of 2009, a group of friends happily sitting around the table asked a question: why should people visit Alvese? The answer was to seek beauty and culture here in the mountains as well. The choice fell on a narrative that would unfold through all the districts of Alvese. A pictorial narrative, inspired by the murals of Cibiana di Cadore, and created by several local artists. The project far exceeded initial expectations and is still continuing today with positive results thanks to the initiative of the inhabitants.


In fact, Contrà Rondini is home to what is Alvese's first mural, dating back to 2000. It is a bucolic depiction of cattle taken to graze in the mountains, donated by artist Mario Melone to the Leonardi family. Today, there are still many themes to be covered, so don't be shy: come visit us and if you feel like giving us a hand, let us know, it would be our immense pleasure!

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