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Dream Caves of San Pellegrino Terme

You walk through the door and let yourself go to the cool embrace of a fairy-tale place

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Where is


La Vetta, 29, 24016 La Vetta BG, Italia (635m s.l.m.)


What it is and where it is

A door in the mountain wall, surrounded by vegetation. An almost Dantean reminiscence, were it not that the forest, instead of dark and oppressive, acts as a cool roof for the panoramic terrace that opens before us, and that hope, instead of being left outside the door, makes our bodies vibrate to the very depths, waiting to plunge into wonder. Are you ready? We are about to enter the Dream Caves!

Why it is special

Long and narrow as they are, they needed the construction of footbridges and overhead paths to allow visitors to climb little by little inside them and venture into what are the first natural caves open to the public in Lombardy. Just think that it was the discoverer himself, between 1931 and 1932, who set up ropes and footbridges to open the caves to the public, and the path on which the visit takes place today follows the original route.

Not to be missed

A studied lighting system accompanies us along the descent, allowing us to enjoy every glimpse and sculpture forged by water. Like any self-respecting cave, in fact, there is no shortage of stalactites, stalagmites, columns and rock formations of countless shapes, each characterized by particular shades of color. By letting your imagination run free, you can find yourself in a kind of fantastic bestiary, where each limestone formation is clothed in the forms of wonderful animals and fairy-tale landscapes. That's why they could only be called Dream Caves!

A bit of history

In 1931, Ermenegildo Zanchi found a rift in the ground. An expert in his territory and an incurable adventure seeker, he slipped into it, managing to descend to one of the hitherto unexplored cave environments. Returning there with a group of cavers, he realized the magnitude of his discovery and decided to share it with everyone. He himself loved leading people to discover these places. After his death, the caves remained closed until 2012, when they were finally reopened to the public and the world.


Along the way you will encounter water, the same tireless artist who has been excavating and sculpting these caves for millennia. At this point in its course it still contains too many salts and minerals to be drunk, but wait a little while and you might find the same water you saw flowing here, inside a few bottles.

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A cave formed 60 million years ago with glimpses, concretions with unique colors and shapes, stalactites and stalagmites.


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