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Cave of Gana 'e Gortoe

Spelunkers for a day, but the memory will be indelible, try to believe

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Where is


Via Antonio Segni, 26, 08029 Siniscola NU, Italia (33m s.l.m.)


What it is and where it is

The cave opens just inside the town of Siniscola. Passing through the gate, one enters the driveway and after a few meters one encounters the large cavity, which at the entrance narrows so much that one has to crawl the first few meters. After that, the visit continues in the riverbed, which for most of the year is crossed by the waters of Gana 'e Gortoe. Have you ever forded a river? How about one inside a cave? You can do that here: Gana 'e Gortoe can be crossed nimbly, the water reaching no higher than your calf.

Why it's special

Leave the robes of tourists, put on the robes of adventurers. Helmet on head, spirit of adventure and experienced guides will take you into this cave like real cavers. We will crawl among rocks, pass through water and mud, and discover together numerous endemic species, including the Mount Albo geotriton. In short, not a kind of museum cave, but a living, breathing cave, a real journey to the center of the earth!

Not to be missed

The Gana 'e Gortoe Cave, as we said, opens in the territory of Siniscola. It would be a shame to miss some of the local delights. For example, you cannot miss tasting the typical dessert "Sa Pompia" and the traditional dish Sa suppa Thiniscolese.


Caves are often searched for traces of life of remote civilizations. In our case, however, the past is less remote: in this cave, in fact, a well-known bandit also took refuge, but he decided not to face the darkness alone. To accompany him, in fact, he had his little dog.

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An active cave in the heart of the town of Siniscola, with a very high biodiversity. A fun and adventurous caving trail for children and adults.


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