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Mossa, in the heart of eastern Friuli - 2 DI 3

The intoxicating flavors of Mossa

Ecstatic flavors among the hills of Gorizia

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Friuli-Venezia Giulia

34070 Mossa GO, Italia (0m s.l.m.)


Sun-kissed vineyards that festively dress the hills, intoxicating wines to savor from cellar to cellar, stories and traditions to rediscover in historic buildings, among the barrels, tasting rooms, ancient tools and frescoes.

Soft green waves caress the horizon lush and fragrant: these are the hills of Collio that there where Italy ends to meet Slovenia and Austria give their best, giving our beautiful country another reason to be proud: the wines of Collio.

01-vigneti.jpgBeautiful vineyards in the municipality of Mossa

To understand the aromas and flavors that pour elegantly into your glasses from this area, it is a must to take a step back, or rather, down, to get to know the land that gives life and nourishment to the golden vines. Collio can boast a soil composed of marls and sandstones of Eocene origin, so special that it has a name all its own to define it: "ponca," rich in minerals that give the area's wines a strong, unmistakable structure. But the soil alone is not enough to create an excellent wine, and here the warm rays of the sun, the wind, which carries the scents of the upper Adriatic, and the Julian Alps, which with their mass protect this area from the colder winds from the north, come to its aid.

Yet, we are not there yet: the ingredients are all there, but it lacks that something, that extra touch that turns excellent into unforgettable. It is by passing through Mossa, crossing its fields and entering the Preval, that one understands ili secret of these places. The vineyards are not just cultivated fields, they are rather part of the family that owns them, or at least they are cared for with the same love and attention that one would give to a relative. Every gesture is made with passion and skill, and all these feelings seem to be absorbed by the vines, gathered in the golden drops of the grapes and finally sublimated into the limpid Collio whites and fragrant reds. The local wineries, such as Turus, Ronco Blanchis and la Ginestra, which have been producing the area's typical wines for generations, know something about this: Pinot Grigio, Ribolla Gialla, Friulano, Malvasia and Sauvignon just to name a few.

02-miele.jpgAbout honeys and wines

However, there is still one thing we did not appreciate about these vineyards: the buzzing of the bees! There are many of them delighting in the wildflowers of Preval, but they also do not disdain the beautiful crops of these lands. The result is an enveloping honey that sums up in its amber yellow the colors and scents of the flowers of these lands! This sweet yellow gold is so well placed in the territory that in Mossa there is the presence of "Il Favo," an activity entirely dedicated to beekeeping and the sale of its products, but not only: the importance of bees for our ecosystem is gaining strength among the population, and so it is becoming increasingly common to see beehives between the rows, to protect these cute insects that have accompanied us for so long, that they are inseparable from our memory and culture.

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