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From spa oasis of the Romans to destination for independent artists and musicians

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Where is


Via Francesco Coco, 2, 09083 Fordongianus OR, Italia (38m s.l.m.)


What it is and where it is

Fordongianus is a village of 1,000 inhabitants in the province of Oristano. It is known for the Caddas hot springs, of Roman origin, which retain the primitive purity of the past.

Why it is special

The archaeological site of the hot springs is worth a visit : following a natural underground circuit, rainwater penetrates deep into the ground, heating up, then rising through fractures in the Tirso River to a temperature of 54°C. The Aragonese House, built at the end of the 16th century, is also worth a visit: today a part is used as a museum.

Not to be missed

Each year Fordongianus is a destination for two major events. The International Sculpture Symposium on typical trachyte stone, involving seven artists from around the world, and the "Here I Stay" music festival, dedicated to independent rock, garage, punk and electronic music. St. Lussorio is celebrated on August 21 with a traditional procession involving the whole village.

A bit of history

Juanninu Fadda was a poet from Fordongianus, and he is still much loved and remembered by the inhabitants. He was born here in 1892, worked as a blacksmith, and with his wife Giuseppina Ghisu had ten children. For many years he was one of the best known impromptu poets on the stages of street festivals.


The thermal water is used to supply and heat the schools, the town hall, the library, and nine drinking fountains in the town.

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Spas, tradition and poetry for a surprising town in the heart of Sardinia.


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