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Fonte Regina in Torreglia

A spot of refreshment on Mount Rua

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Where is


Via Jacopo Facciolati, 48, 35038 Torreglia PD, Italia (88m s.l.m.)


What it is and where it is

On the northern slope of Mount Rua, along the Calcina stream, there is a short path that leads through ferns, sedges and horsetails. The sound of windblown leaves is not the only one you hear: a steady, regular sound seems to spread among the rocks. It all begins with a stream of not-too-cold water, about 14 degrees, pouring into a pool and then making its way over a bed of flat stones with reddish reflections. This is the Fonte Regina, a simple place, also equipped as a rest area for its pleasant atmosphere, but one that can tell a lot about the Euganean Hills.

Why it is special

In fact, Fonte Regina has the extraordinary ability to show those who want to learn, some information about how the Euganean Hills are made, and how they are experienced by their inhabitants. If you meet any of them, you will see that they will gladly show you how to reach it, and you will find it well cared for, protected and loved partly because of its tranquility, partly in honor of an old memory: the spring was believed to be healing and beneficial. But the history of these places is not only related to humans: it tells us about remote times, when limestone stratifications gave birth to sedimentary materials, the red flakes on which the spring's waters run.

Not to be missed

The path leading to the spring is short and does not continue any further, but this quiet little spot can provide a restful break to hikers who are exploring the surroundings. On closer inspection, it also offers a nice opportunity for families with children: a short walk with a final surprise and a chance to have a nice snack outdoors. Need some ideas for continuing the walk? Nearby is the church of San Sabino, probably the first point where the inhabitants of this village settled, which can be reached either by car or by walking up the Mira mountain.

A bit of history

The origin of this spring dates back to the time of the Romans, who built a water supply system: the water flowed in stone pipes and directly connected the springs to homes. In the Middle Ages these pipes developed an area among the oldest in the Euganean Mountains with the presence of mills, in what is still referred to as Contrà dei Molini della Valderio. Over the centuries, the spring no longer had a regular water flow, so much so that these mills are also called "Mulin Rotto" or "Mulin del Maltempo," since they functioned only when the rio was in flood.


Annually, on June 1 and 2, the Mira festival is held. It is the annual festival of Euganean Culture and Landscape, with events, conferences, guided tours, concerts, activities for children, photo and craft exhibitions, and the ever-present stalls of typical products, crafts and old-fashioned activities and games. The gardens of nearby villas are also opened during this Festival to entice people to experience the Euganean Hills, and especially the Taurelian valleys and slopes, to the fullest.

Fonte Regina a Torreglia The Euganean Hills

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