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Tirino River

Underground trails, three springs, and an enchanting landscape

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Where is


Ponte S. Martino, 67022 Capestrano AQ, Italia (328m s.l.m.)


What it is and where it is

The Tirino is a left tributary of the Pescara River. Its name derives from the Greek "Tritanus, " three springs of Lake Vatormina, Presciano and Capo d'acqua. In fact, this Abruzzo river originates from Campo Imperatore and flows hidden among the karst rocks of Abruzzo for 25 kilometers, flows out to the surface for 13 kilometers along the southeastern slope of the Gran Sasso cutting the valley of the same name in two and then flows into the Pescara River at the Three Mountains Gorge.

Why it is special

Its waters flow clear and inviting. The lure they exert on anyone who looks at them is easily explained: the Tirino is one of the cleanest rivers in Europe. Unique are its so-called "water springs," or micro springs that even during the most torrid summers keep the river's temperature constant at around 11 degrees.

Not to be missed

The vegetation is incredibly lush, promising birdwatching sessions in search of herons and mallards. For the past several years, the river has also been repopulated with native communities of freshwater crayfish, and it is sometimes possible to see them surfacing at the surface of the water using breadcrumbs as "bait."

A bit of history

The Tirino River has always been a key feature of this area. In particular, the isthmus of land close to the Ranocchiara (the point where the two branches meet and create the Tirino) was used in the past for all buying and selling negotiations. The territory belonged to Marquis Migliorati, who left with Garibaldi on the Expedition of the Thousand.


Along the course of the river it is possible to find several shrimp and trout farms where you can also make direct purchases. One of these is located near the Presciano spring, and the structure that houses it was once a hydraulic mill.

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An underground river with three springs rising to the surface in the beautiful setting of Capestrano!


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