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Carmagnola Spring Fair

One of the longest-running events in Italy

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10022 Carmagnola TO, Italia (0m s.l.m.)


Breeding and agriculture at the Fair

The Carmagnola Spring Fair is an event that is more than historic, centuries old! With more than 550 years behind it, it is an unmissable opportunity for those who visit the beautiful Piedmontese village to connect with the local community, learn about and taste local products and appreciate the itineraries around Carmagnola, one of them being the walk along the Po River.

The main event is at the Foro Boario in Piazza Italia, with exhibitions of Frisona and Piemontese cattle, two PGI brands in the area. These are meats notoriously appreciated and used in the kitchens of great chefs and used in the creation of traditional local dishes that, precisely on the occasion of the Spring Fair, can be enjoyed in the charming inns and restaurants of the town of Turin.

Macchine agricoleAgricultural machinery exhibition market

During the fair, the streets and squares around the Foro Boario become one big exhibition space with the best of agricultural machinery and equipment production from all over northern Italy, hosting about two hundred firms displaying the latest in the use of alternative energy and feed.

A Fair to be enjoyed

In addition to the agricultural exhibits, gastronomy is the second founding pillar of the Fair: in the space outside the Fair Hall in front of the livestock market, the Farmers' Market and Food Artisans' Market is held with tasting of local certified products belonging to the short supply chain.

Local businesses bring their excellence to the streets of Carmagnola, creating a sort of street food of local delicacies: the much sought-after grandfather's sandwich with hamburger and sauerkraut, porchetta, craft beer from Piedmont's many microbreweries, chopping boards and sandwiches with black pork salami, hot potato with melted fontina cheese, crostini with lard cream, and then cookies, cheeses, honey, vegetables, preserved foods, jams... You name it!

MonvisoDiscovering the Carmagnolese territory: view of Monviso

During the fair, there is never a shortage of side moments to get to know the beautiful Carmagnolese territory: in fact, there are several initiatives on the program each year that include meetings, excursions and walks organized by local associations promoting outdoor activities.

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The return of spring wakes up the village of Carmagnola, which celebrates it in the best way!


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