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Piazza S. Francesco, 5, 61040 Mercatello sul Metauro PU, Italia (428m s.l.m.)


Appointment in Mercatello Sul Metauro.

Just as in the time of the dukes and patrons, today Mercatello sul Metauro attracts young musicians from as far away as the United States who mingle with local and international artists, young and old, creating the Musica & Musica Festival, a vibrant forge of sounds, cultures and knowledge. From opera to jazz to blues, this festival is unique in the Metauro Valley.

Notes invade the village

It has the force of a river in flood, it is overwhelming, exciting, alive. It is the celebration of a town that opens up to the world. The ten musical events that make up the Festival take place in wonderful architectural spaces and natural stages in the historic center. Internationally renowned musicians, engaging choral ensembles, the extraordinary G. Symphony Orchestra. Rossini, young American operatic talents, refined Jazz and Swing bands, Contemporary Dance companies, masters of Photographic Art, the fascinating voices of the Icense Polyphonic Choir, and, the festival's crowning glory, from which it was born, the Gioachino Orchestra. A whirlwind of sounds, faces, sensations pouring through the streets of the village. Thus, every stone in the ancient village resounds with the notes of major Italian operas, and the streets come alive with the gestures and expressions of the young performers. Their ringing voices enliven the village and shake it even in the scorching days of summer.

Spettacoli per le stradePerformances in the streets

Music as a bridge: a meeting of cultures

American children of different ages and backgrounds pursue a master's degree in opera singing and are accompanied to the festival by internationally renowned professors. Here they not only have the opportunity to engage with great opera performers, but also to fully immerse themselves in the Italian language and culture, which has contributed so much to opera music. In fact, the students take language courses and live for a month in close contact with the villagers. Over the years this has led to the emergence of a reality of integration and cooperation between the students and the Mercatello community, a wonderful opportunity for exchange and enrichment where precisely music, with all its notes and varieties is the melody that envelops and gives harmony.

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The settings that serve as the backdrop for the various events are chosen from among the country's many characteristic places, private gardens and important monuments that are transformed into evocative spaces, ideal containers for different genres of music.


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