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Fano: city of the sea

Stories and flavors of the Port of Fano

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Passeggiata del Lisippo, 61032 Fano PU, Italia (3m s.l.m.)


Mysterious and fascinating is the sea facing the city, whose boundless underbelly hides riches that Fanesi fishermen know like few others, they who from the deep depths have brought them to the land

A walk in the harbor

The undertow of the sea pulses in the heart of seaside Fano. The city is inextricably linked to the Adriatic Sea that majestically faces it. The harbor represents the center of this bond with its commercial and tourist activity, heir to an ancient heritage that is still preserved in places unrelated to the passage of time. Walking along the Lysippus promenade that from the beach of Saxony ends in the direction of the Marina dei Cesari marina with the reproduction of the statue of the Greek sculptor of the same name, found in these waters, one already has a first glimpse of the uniqueness of the port environment on one side and the vastness of the sea on the other.

01-gugulStreet of "El Gugul"

In the world of fishermen

But it is by walking in the Molo dei Trabucchi, dotted with the pilings used by fishermen, or through "El Gugul," the neighborhood that is the symbol of those fishermen, that one takes in the seafaring history of Fano. This place, which owes its name to a particular type of fishing net, is a street where everyone knows each other, where people call and recognize each other only through ironic nicknames, spoken in the cryptic vernacular accessible only to those who have understood it for generations. The fishermen who live and inhabited here would set out for whole days hunting for fish to feed themselves and their families, going on Odyssey-like adventures that tempered the body and spirit, making them as sinewy as mooring lines. If one is lucky, one can still hear these stories told over a glass of Moretta or along the docks from the living voice of those who experienced them.


On the tables in the harbor

The typical dishes of Fano cuisine have arrived on the tables of homes and restaurants by traveling long routes directly from fishermen's boats. In fact, the bond that ties Fano to fishing is visible better than anywhere else precisely in the cuisine. Every good sailor had to know how to be a cook as well, able to make do in the long days spent offshore. The typical dish with which Fano is identified is precisely that Brodetto with which the fishermen refreshed themselves from the labors of their work. And after so much eating, the fishermen needed something with which to end the meal and which above all refreshed them in view of the long sleepless nights spent probing the seabed. From here, and from the need not to waste any bottled bottoms, what is now Moretta was created , a coffee spiked with a liquor mixture of anise, rum and brandy. The result is inviting right from its appearance with the three layers of liqueur, coffee and cream forming a tricolor that heralds a sweet but strong flavor. Sipping it with your eyes closed, you can imagine the rippling of the sea shaking the keel of the ships where it was created.

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Mysterious and fascinating is the sea facing the city, whose boundless underbelly hides riches that Fanesi fishermen know like few others, they who from the deep depths brought them to the land.