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El Buso dele Anguane

A mysterious cavern awaits us in the woods


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Where is


Via Graizzari di Sotto, 14, 36070 Crespadoro VI, Italia (606m s.l.m.)


What it is and where it is

"El Buso delle Anguane" is a natural cave carved into the side of a massive "sengio" jutting out over the valley below. It is located in Crespadoro, a small town in the province of Vicenza, and can be reached through a beautiful path in the woods. The path is taken near Contrada Micheletti, in the hamlet of Durlo.

Why it is special

"El Buso delle Anguane" has such a characteristic conformation that has earned it registration in the Veneto Cave Cadastre for the development of speleological research and the conservation of the speleological heritage of the Veneto region. Its value, however, does not stop there. As its name implies, this cave is linked to popular tradition, which indicates it as a place of shelter for the "Anguane," magical creatures with the appearance of a woman (but sometimes half-woman and half-reptile or fish), linked to the world of water and devoted to enticing men. Legends about these "Bele Butèle" (beautiful girls) have been passed down for centuries in these lands, told in the contrada "filò" (district yarns), whispered in the ears of runaway children.

Not to be missed

Those who would like to learn more about the subject cannot miss the trilogy written by Giancarlo Bertinazzi, a local author: you can find it at "Laita," an old contrada recovered by the author himself and his family.


"Although invisible, the Anguane were an integral part of the territory and the lives of the men, who talked about them on long, cold winter nights, gathered in the stables to spin yarn, warmed by the damp heat of the animals' breathing. There was no evening without someone talking about them, in this or that stable, or not recounting inexplicable facts attributable to their invisible presence, often enriched with unlikely or piquant details, spoken with deep respect and awe in fear of being overheard by the Anguanas themselves." Excerpted from "Il sengio delle anguane," included in the collection "I Quaderni di Durlo" volume 1, edited by Mario Tibaldo.

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Manuel Consolaro

Known as "Buso delle Anguane," the cave we are about to discover has been for decades only a fantasy tale, a fairy tale of our grandparents, a "there in the woods are the anguanas!" Today, however, we are about to go there together!