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The Tiber from Todi to the Eternal City - 2 DI 7

From Lake Corbara to Baschi, between nature and archaeology

Rethinking the river as a highway to the Mediterranean

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05023 Baschi TR, Italia (0m s.l.m.)


Wonders around the lake

The second day begins at Lake Corbara, with its landscapes. The lake is an artificial reservoir that originated through the construction of a dam in 1962 and is part of the protected area of the Tiber River Park. Beautiful herons can be spotted there, as well as other species of small birds that find shelter in the lush vegetation.

The lake's location and microclimate have also favored the development of agricultural activities. Today, in fact, the southern sectors of the lake are occupied by interesting and visually striking fields of olive trees and vineyards.

Lago di CorbaraExploring the surroundings of Lake Corbara

Exploring space and time, slowly

As we travel the distance that separates Lake Corbara from Baschi, we can enjoy beautiful scenery: scenic areas, a source of inspiration for photography enthusiasts, and many opportunities to get in touch with nature for us slow travelers who tackle the stretch by bike, on foot or by canoe.

Along the way we encounter the archaeological area of Scoppieto, the point of arrival or departure of the naturalistic-archaeological itinerary of the Tiber River Park. The river flows a short distance from the finds and takes us back in time: we think back to the old glories and flows of people who traveled this valley to transport goods and treasures across this great waterway throughout the Mediterranean basin. Leaving Scoppieto we continue on to Baschi, the final destination of this second exciting stage.

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Here nature and history live in perfect symbiosis: the Tiber has been the subject of thousands of years of testimony. Travelling through Corbara, Baschi, the Forello gorges and neighboring territories, it will be easy to take a "plunge" into history


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