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From Tower of the Serpent to the Palascìa Lighthouse

Discovering the coast of Otranto

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Str. Porto - Torre del Serpe - Orte, 73028 Otranto LE, Italia (4m s.l.m.)


It is the easternmost stretch of coastline in Italy, and is made up of history, colors and floral scents, steeped in symbolic meanings and future prospects. Here the first dawn of the new day is born : projected towards the East, it has always been one of the gateways to Italy.

The coastline is the boundary between the land and the sea, the end of a path. But on closer inspection, it is also a beginning, the access point to the sea that will take us far away, perhaps even to places unknown. This is a feeling that becomes very strong especially here, in Otranto, in the easternmost coastal stretch of Italy. Who knows, perhaps it was the incredible sunrises that can be admired from here that fostered the birth of so much beauty and so many legends in this area, what is certain is that one of the best ways to discover them is at the slow pace of trekking.

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